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mold water intrusion or water damage

Mold Damage

If your business or residence sustains any type of water intrusion or water damage, mold can begin to grow within a couple of days. Pinnacle Claim Services, Inc. knows exactly how to combat mold and protect you and your family from the potential health hazards it can cause.
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hurricane rain damage

Weather Damage

Will we get a hurricane this year? How severe will the storms be? It's hard enough to predict the weather at any given moment in our beautiful state. Weather damage costs homeowners hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Make sure you don't get "blown away" by an unfair insurance claim settlement and call Pinnacle today!
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South Miami to Jacksonville, water damage from a flood

Water Damage

From South Miami to Jacksonville, water damage from a flood, overflow or leaking pipe can cause extensive damage in no time. Pinnacle Claim Services, Inc., licensed public adjusters, has the experience and resources to assist you in mitigating your water damage event quickly and effectively while simultaneously initiating a claim with your insurance company
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pinnacleclaimservices.com-fire Damage public adjuster pic

Fire Damage

Fires are devastating and cause massive destruction within minutes. Hiring a licensed public adjuster like Pinnacle Services, Inc. to handle your fire damage claim is crucial to ensuring you obtain a full recovery for a fire that has damaged your home, office or place of business
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