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Delray Beach Public Adjuster - Free Inspection - Claim Adjuster

Delray Beach Public Adjuster – FREE INSPECTION – Claim Adjuster

After a disaster strikes in the form of storm damage, flood damage, fire damage, vandalism damage or theft, the stress can seem overwhelming. You must file an insurance claim to get compensated for whatever you’ve lost, which can be a huge hassle that can just add to the stress from the incident itself.

Hiring a Delray Beach public adjuster can ease some of this stress and allow you to concentrate on the important things, like your safety, security, and preventative measures. A public adjuster is a specialist in insurance claims who can interpret your homeowner’s policy, assess the damage to your home, give you an idea of the cost of repair, and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf until your claim is settled.

You can hire a public adjuster after you experience water and mold damage, fire and smoke damage, wind and storm damage, as well as vandalism and theft damage. The team will work purely on the behalf of the policyholder – meaning that they’re always on your side. Public adjusters can ensure that you get the money that you’re entitled to under your homeowner’s policy. They are not looking out for the insurance company’s best interests, unlike insurance adjusters hired by the insurance company.

The trick to hiring a public adjuster is knowing when you need one. Sometimes you may hire a public adjuster just because dealing with the damage is stressful enough and you don’t have time to handle the long process of insurance claims. However, experts in the field recommend that you should always hire an adjuster if you estimate that you have $10,000 worth of damage or more. There are some cases you might not need a public adjuster. For instance, the insurance adjuster hired by the insurance company may be behaving in a manner that’s in your benefit. However, if your adjuster is slow to answer questions or return calls, or is leaving damages off your claim, you need to hire a public adjuster. After all, the insurance companies are only as good as the field adjusters that they hire. Inexperienced adjusters can spell more disaster for you, so make sure that you hire someone who knows what they’re doing and will not let you be taken advantage of.

One thing that’s important to remember is that no matter how experienced, understanding, or on the ball your public adjuster is, they can’t work miracles. The insurance company probably isn’t going to agree to everything that you want, especially if you’ve hired an adjuster in the middle of the insurance claim process. Though people usually hire a public adjuster when they start having problems with the insurance company, bringing in an adjuster can add a month or two to the entire process because of revisiting and renegotiating. At the same time, there are no guarantees for a person after he or she hires a public adjuster. It’s up to the homeowner as to whether or not the payoff is worth it. Studies have shown that homeowners who hire a Florida public adjuster, such as Pinnacle Service Adjusters, receive higher amounts from the insurance companies.

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