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Lauderdale Lakes Public Adjuster - Free Inspection - Claim Adjuster
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Lauderdale Lakes Public Adjuster – FREE INSPECTION – Claim Adjuster

An insurance policy is taken to ensure that it covers you in the event of any unforeseen event happening. Typically, the issues that have been seen in the Lauderdale Lakes area are residential fire damage, water and mold damage, flood damage, broken or leaking pipes damage, fire and smoke damage, theft damage, wind and storm damage, fallen tree, car crashes into properties, and even sinkhole damage.

Many times, it is when you start filing your claims with your insurance agency that you find there are loopholes. While an insurance company is liable to pay you damages for the mishap, they certainly don’t make it easy. This is when a Lauderdale Lakes public adjuster can come to your rescue.


What Do Public Adjusters Do?

A public adjuster is someone who represents you and helps you through the complete insurance claim settlement process. They are aware of how the whole system works. They can guide you, as they represent you with the insurance adjusters. Their sole intention is to ensure that you get your best possible settlement which is due.

It is vital to call a public adjuster as soon as you realize that a mishap or damage has happened to your Florida home. The public adjuster can visit you, study your policy, and educate you on the coverage and the terms. A public adjuster is a licensed person who is experienced in maximizing insurance settlement claims. They inspect your damage and will formulate the way forward. They can also help you with filing of a new claim, opening underpaid claims, or even look into denied claims.

Where to Find Public Adjusters?

There are many licensed public adjusters in the Lauderdale Lakes area. A homeowner can perform homework in relevant directories, ask Google, or get references from friends and family members. A consultation is generally free. At the same time, a claim adjuster usually does not charge a fee from you, besides a percentage of whatever is recovered from your insurance company.

A public adjuster works in your best interests. Statistics show that people who hire public adjusters to file their claims and represent them are more likely to get more money in settlements.

Qualities to Look Out For

While searching for an ideal a public adjuster, look out for the following credentials:

  1. Licensed
  2. Years of operation
  3. Success rate in claim settlements
  4. References
  5. Testimonials
  6. Types of claims handled and settled
  7. Amounts received in settlement for various claims as against the policy
  8. Percentage of settlement money charged as fee

Once you cover all your bases, it is best to work with a Lauderdale Lakes public adjuster to file your claim. An insurance settlement process can usually be a lengthy one. An insurance adjuster’s expertise can be a real blessing in the whole insurance process. Call Pinnacle Service Adjuster and give yourself a peace of mind.

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