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Rockledge Public Adjuster - Free Inspection - Claim Adjuster

Rockledge Public Adjuster – FREE INSPECTION – Claim Adjuster

Public adjusters are not associated with insurance companies. Rather, they look after the claim issues from the policyholder’s side. When you face certain damage to your property, then your insurance company will send their adjuster to make the deal about the claim. If you do not have a clear idea about the claim process, have a little knowledge about the terms included in your policy, or do not have enough time to manage these issues, it is time to hire your own claim adjuster. These professionals communicate with insurance companies to complete the claim process, so you can get back a reliable amount for the losses that occurred at your home.

What Tasks are Performed by Rockledge Public Adjusters?

A public adjuster tries to negotiate a claim settlement with insurance companies to get you the best compensation for your property loss. Here are top activities that a public adjuster uses to perform:

  • Negotiating claim settlements with claim adjusters sent by your insurance company
  • Monitors the progress of your claim
  • Completes all the forms for claims against insurance companies
  • Rockledge public adjusters collect all essential details that will be helpful to file the claim with ease
  • Submit essential documents for claims on your behalf
  • Generate their own replacement and repair cost estimations based on experience.
  • Calculate all income losses suffered due to damage, as well as develop estimates for extra expenses
  • Provide property inventory calculation for damaged and undamaged items
  • Prepare documents for overall losses and evaluate the amount
  • Provide services for complete analysis of your insurance policy with details about what quick actions are needed

How Much Do They Charge?

Most public adjusters charge their fee as a certain fixed percentage of your claim settlement amount. These percentages usually vary between 5% and 20% of your claim settlement. But in some cases, it may be higher. Most of the time, you will be able to negotiate the fee amount. Pinnacle Claim Services of Melbourne FL, Inc. is here to navigate your claim through the confusing language of your homeowner’s insurance policy and ensure you peace of mind while maximizing the outcome for you! If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. Simple as that. Call today to receive a free inspection.

Additional Services offered by Public Adjusters:

Rockledge public adjuster services are not limited to claim settlements only. A few of them also provide additional assistance that may include:

  • Risk Management: There are few adjusting firms that assist business owners with risk control services that are the same as insurance companies’ services.
  • Expert Witness: These public adjusters may act like expert witnesses if you decide to sue your insurance company due to poor services for your claim.
  • Appraisals: When there is a disagreement between you and insurance company regarding the claim amount, Rockledge public adjusters will help to provide top-of-the-line insurance appraiser services.

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