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Naples Public Adjuster – FREE INSPECTION – Claim Adjuster

Naples, with its location on Southwest Florida’s coast, gets great exposure to nature’s elements: wind, rain, storms, brutal sun; and, of course, hurricanes.  So, suffering damage and leaks from the onslaught of these elements, as well as unforeseen accidents like burst pipes, etc. causes and number of problems that require expense and contractors to handle.  While there are many fine contractors in Naples, when you suffer damage or a property loss, your first call should be to us, Pinnacle, your local public adjuster. Why, because the better the documentation, the more knowledgeable the person evaluating the claim, and the more skillful in negotiating the with the insurance company, the more likely that you will get a favorable review and outcome on your claim.

Filing, documenting, and negotiating a claim is a complex process.  It can be wearing, frustrating, and ultimately unsuccessful if not handled properly.  Understand that the insurance company is not delighted to pay your claim, is looking for reasons to deny or modify the settlement, and that insurance company personnel from service reps to their claims’ adjusters are not on your side.  Pinnacle has the experience and know-how to navigate the process, evaluate and document the claim, and negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. And remember, we don’t get paid until you do, so our interest parallels yours, i.e., a fast, favorable settlement.  Isn’t this the best possible outcome? Why wait, THERE IS NO UPFRONT COST.

Pinnacle provides a team of dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable Florida public adjusters.  All of our professional staff have more than 10 years in the industry and your interest at heart.  We approach each claim as the most important we are dealing with, regardless of the claim. Also, we never represent the insurance company; we are always on the claimants’ side.

With our local personnel in Naples, we can respond quickly to your need and spend the time and attention on your claim that it deserves while at the same time being available to you to answer your questions, document and evaluate the claim, and coordinate

Naples Public Adjuster

with the insurance company adjuster as well as the contractor’s personnel to schedule and complete the repair/restoration.  Our Naples public adjusters have a history of claims satisfaction and knowledge of the insurance company and their tactics and personnel, which helps get your claim processed quickly.


The initial evaluation and documentation are critical to establishing your claim.  Pinnacle’s claim adjusters know how to do this to set stage for getting full payment for your claim.  Failing to engage our services right away can result in the insurance company receiving less than full accounting for your loss.  An estimate involves not only determining the damage but also estimating the cost of the replacement materials, which may have changed drastically since you bought your home, and determining whether the repair or restoration requires work beyond the damaged area (Florida law requires the restoration to restore compete appearance of the surfaces, not just the damaged area.  So, if the shingles aren’t the same, the paint color can’t be exactly matched, or the trim or other surfaces can’t be matched, a complete restoration is required. This evaluation certainly goes beyond what you might see, and it is not likely the focus of the insurance company’s adjuster. It’s only Pinnacle’s trained public adjusters who will be looking at the whole picture to ensure complete repair/restoration.

Your homeowner’s policy is also a complex document.  While it would be wrong to say the insurance company deliberately writes the policies to be obtuse, i.e., hard to read and interpret, nonetheless it can certainly be said that your policy is difficult to understand and interpret: coverages, exclusions, deductibles, endorsements, etc. all need to be understood to see what is covered and what is not.  Pinnacle’s public adjusters are there to protect your rights and to see that all valid protections and coverages are granted so that the best possible claim settlement is reached enabling you, the policyholder, to recover enough to make satisfactory repairs and restoration. Trust us; this what we do.

Naples Claim Adjuster

Naples Claim Adjuster

Get your free estimate now to have in-hand the likely cost to repair/restore your damage.  Even if you have already settled and found the money paid is not sufficient to do a proper job, we can reopen your claim and get you the full settlement you deserve.  Call us and hear why we can help you and the benefits you will gain.

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Pinnacle Claim Services, Inc. understands you have options when it comes to hiring a public adjuster which is why we offer all of our new callers a FREE in home estimate. Call us and join the long list of satisfied customers we have served time and time again!

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