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Palm Beach County Adjuster - Free Inspection - Claim Adjuster

Palm Beach County Public Adjuster – FREE INSPECTION – Claim Adjuster

As we all know, public adjusters are licensed by the state to legally represent the rights of the insured men and women during the insurance claim process. We need insurance for many things in life, and to run behind different departments can be very taxing. Chasing insurance companies not only wastes our precious time, but also makes us go through plenty of stress. To have someone take care of your insurance claims can be a blessing in disguise. Pinnacle Claim Services of Palm Beach Gardens FL has offices in different cities in Florida. Their Palm Beach County public adjusters look after the insurance claims for water and mold damage, vandalism and theft, as well as fire and smoke damage.

Located in South Florida, this company has the most experienced and professional public adjusters to look after your insurance claims. Pinnacle Claim Services of Palm Beach Gardens FL makes sure that the residential, commercial, and homeowner policyholders get the maximum benefit for their claims. Located in Palm Beach, the claim adjusters are well-versed with the current laws of the state and work accordingly. As their company policy, Pinnacle Claim Services of Palm Beach Gardens FL does not charge a single penny until the claimant receives his or her money. At the same time, there are no hidden fees for their efficient service.

It is always beneficial to choose a public adjuster outside your insurance company. You want an adjuster to work solely for your benefit. Pinnacle Claim Services of Palm Beach Gardens FL’ adjusters are also active members of the NAPIA (National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters).

Our Palm Beach County public adjusters will inspect all the details of your claim, create a detailed estimate of the damage, and work on getting your due. Doing so not only helps you get on smoothly with life, but also relieves plenty of stress regarding your insurance claim. Getting our due amount on time saves us from unnecessary hassles and enables us to repair all the damage with the insurance claim amount.

Our team charges a fair and a nominal fee in return for all the work we do fighting for your claim. We re-open claims and negotiate for more money if any discrepancy is found. Our guys will even get a detailed analysis to see if you are entitled to any more insurance money. We not only determine the value of the damage, but also prepare essential documents to serve your insurance claim.

Pinnacle Claim Services of Palm Beach Gardens FL looks upon damages, such as the aftermath of fire and smoke, pipe leaks, flood damage, water and mold damage, as well as wind and storm damage, tornado damage, earthquakes, and hurricanes damage. With the right Palm Beach County public adjuster, you can get the most reputable and experienced public adjuster in Florida.

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