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Pembroke Public Adjuster - Free Inspection - Claim Adjuster
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Pembroke Public Adjuster – FREE INSPECTION – Claim Adjuster

Pinnacle Claim Services provides exceptional work in several cities in Florida, helping people who want insurance claims for the damage that has occurred to their property. The damage may either be due to vandalism or theft, wind and storm damage, water and mold damage or fire and smoke damage.

The public adjusters at Pinnacle Claim Services are highly qualified and experienced at doing their job. They know how to complete all the necessary formalities to get you the insurance claim you actually deserve. A layman cannot do the work of a public adjuster. If you risk doing all that work yourself, you might either get paid less than what you deserve or get your insurance claim denied. A public adjuster pays attention to the details that you do not even consider important. Even if you succeed in getting a compensation for your damage, what is the guarantee that you will be paid within your required time. Most insurance companies accept the insurance claims and then add them to a long waiting list. The guarantee of getting paid what you deserve within your required time exists if you hire Pinnacle Claim Services for your public adjuster needs.

Getting your house damaged is something that no one wants. Everyone wants a picture-perfect house with all the basic needs easily available to them. But that does not mean that life will go on as you want it to. Incidents happen and they can happen to anyone. Especially with weather conditions like Pembroke Pines, some house damage is bound to happen. If due to some unfortunate incident your property has been damaged, the first thing you need to do is keep calm and call Pinnacle Claim Services public adjusters.

Now you might be wondering, “Why should I call Pinnacle Claim Services’ public adjusters instead of my insurance company?” It is because a public adjuster works as your insurance appraiser, claim adjuster and the individual who you hire to deal with your insurance company on your behalf. That is why it is always smart to contact a public adjuster before you call your insurance company. Now the second question that is going around in your mind. “Why should I trust Pinnacle Claim Services with my public adjuster needs?” The shortest answer to this question is because Pinnacle Claim Services are the best public adjusters in Pembroke Pines and known to be one of the best public adjusters in all of Florida.

The public adjusters at Pinnacle Claim Services will provide you the following services and will save you from all the hassle and hard work.


  1. First of all, the public adjuster will investigate the cause or the origin of your damage because that is one of the most important things when it comes to insurance claims.
  2. Then a detailed inspection of your damage will be carried out. Everything will be properly checked.
  3. An accurate estimate of each item will be decided. Many people do not know how to estimate the cost accurately and hence get paid a lot less than what they deserve.
  4. Then they prepare a report of proof of loss, in case it is required by the insurance company.
  5. After documenting the damage properly and setting an accurate estimate of it, the public adjusters meet your insurance company and convinces them to accept your insurance claim. They discuss all the things that need to be talked about and never miss a thing. They talk about the cause and scope of your damage with the insurance company experts.

Pinnacle Claim Services’ team of public adjusters will be with you at every step of the process. For more information, contact us through the information provided on our website.

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